A Year in Review

February 9, 2017

The past year was not at all what I expected it to be; it seems that nothing has gone to plan in the past year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the year was bad, because it was great. It also means that God had much different and bigger plans than I did. I flew into Uganda on January 20th, 2016. On January 21st, I boarded a bus for Ishunga, my soon to be home, and got to know an amazing woman named Joan along the way. On January 6th of this year, we were married and on January 21st, 2017, we rode back into Ishunga for the first time as husband and wife, exactly 1 year to the day. God certainly has bigger plans than I do.

January 2016
January 2017

Joan and I celebrated our Introduction Party on December 16th. It was an incredible event where nearly 400 people came to celebrate, including my dad who flew out. It was a great blessing having him here to celebrate with us. In short, an Introduction is a party where the bride “introduces” her groom to her family. It’s filled with many local traditions and lasts for about 6-7 hours. Dancing follows and can go on until sunup the next morning. At the close of that event, we were legally married in the Buganda tribe, the tribe my wife comes from, but not yet through the government or church.

We had our outdoor church & legal weddings, exactly 3 weeks later, on January 6th and went for a short honeymoon after. It was interesting doing the ceremony twice in one day.  We wanted a nice private wedding then went for the legal courthouse wedding so we exchanged our vows and rings twice which meant I got to kiss the bride twice also.

Upon arriving back in Ishunga on January 21st, it was time to get back to work. Both the elementary school that she works at and the School of Ministry that I’m serving at were scheduled to start on February the 6th and there was much preparation to be done at both schools including student enrollment, schedule planning, hiring of instructors, distribution of uniforms, and much, much more. School started on the 6th as planned for the elementary school and kicked off a very busy week. We made the decision to delay the School of Ministry by one week as only two students had shown for Day One and the rest informed us that they would be coming throughout the week, the last on Sunday. We three leaders met with the two students who had arrived on-time and they agreed that delaying the official start would be a good decision until all students had arrived. However we didn’t want to let that time go to waste so we organized a short & simple schedule for the initial week so that we could begin getting to know the new students as they were arriving, and also begin pouring out the Word of God. Week one is closing out and I’m excited about the school officially kicking off next Monday morning. I think we’ve got some great students who are excited to learn about the Word of God and other subjects that we’ll be instructing them in.

Joan and I are all settled into our little room that used to be mine alone. It took some adjusting but we are in and excited to start building our house again soon. It’s a great place to start but not one that we can live in too long, especially when wanting to start a family in the very near future. We are hoping to continue building again beginning in April. The next phase is going to take a lot of material before I can even put a single guy to work so I’ve got to save for quite some time. If you’d like to make a special gift to help with the building of our home, it would be greatly appreciated.

While Joan and I were away on Honeymoon, we welcomed a new family to Ishunga. Chad, Jennifer, and their two small kids joined us in the ministry here. Chad will be helping with the School of Ministry, leading work crews on the grounds, overseeing all employees, overseeing Children’s ministry, and more. His wife is also assisting with Children’s ministry, helping out at the elementary school, and filling to help out with various needs. They are a great asset to our team here and I welcome a new bearded brother who also likes Duck Dynasty. We were friends before we ever met.

Our weekly Bible studies have also resumed this week.  As was before the holiday season, I’m teaching a men’s Bible study on Thursday evenings.  Joan helps out with the women’s Bible studies on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s.  Already we’re getting a fair number of men & women showing up desiring to learn more about the Word of God so it’s very exciting.

I also am taking over more administrative roles here at UKP, handling finances, drawing up employee contracts & job descriptions, and other administrative roles. I’ve got my hands full now. When I’m not studying, teaching, or working on the computer, I’m usually sleeping. But I’m really enjoying the work here and am so blessed to call this my home. I have a great “family” here in Uganda of both Americans and Ugandans. I surely do miss my family and friends in America, but having such a great group of people here that I’m surrounded by makes it so easy to call this place home.

That’s about all for now. Joan & I covet your prayer & financial support.

Prayer Requests
Please pray for Joan and I; we covet your prayers for this new beginning as we start this new journey in our lives as one. Pray that we gain the finances we need to complete the construction of our home.

I request your prayers for the new students at the School of Ministry, that they would easily learn to understand our “accent”, they would grow in the knowledge of the Word of God, grow in their faith, and learn how to put their faith into action.

Financial Contributions
When I initially came, I prepared a budget for one year as it was my initial plan to return to the US thereafter. Now that I’m here permanently, my one year plan has finished and we’re starting over. Joan and I are currently seeking donors who would like to help make a monthly contribution.  Even small amounts go a long way. Would you please consider helping us with a monthly contribution or even a one time donation?

All financial contributions are tax deductible through the organization I’m working with, Agents For Christ/Uganda Kids Project.  Use the How to Help link at the top of the page. You can give online at UgandaKids.org or you can mail a check to:
Agents for Christ
PO Box 67276
Portland, OR 97268

Be sure to include my name on the memo line. Or you can give directly to me (non tax-deductible):
Robb Pierce
1717 Vista Chino #A7-235
Palm Springs CA 92262

Thank you in advance for your financial support. It’s people like you who make it possible for Joan & I to serve the people of Uganda.

Until next time, thank you for your prayers, and God bless you. Robb Pierce, out.

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  1. What a great story. I am so happy for you! I was thinking about you and decided to check up and see what was going on in your life. You look and sound really happy. Give my love to your Bride, my friend?

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