Exciting Things Happening in Uganda

It has been pure craziness here in Uganda the past couple of months. But it’s a good kind of craziness. God is moving, work is progressing, lives are being changed, and people are being blessed.

In April, I, Robb, had the opportunity to come and visit The States for three weeks. It was a great time vising family and friends, welcoming into the world our new nephew Levi, speaking at a few churches to share the vision & raise support for my wife & I, and finally to eat some tasty unhealthy food that I’ve missed so much. Three weeks wasn’t nearly enough time, but seeing my wife couldn’t come, and we were only married 3 months at the time, I didn’t want to be away from her any longer than three weeks.

After returning to Uganda, our Project Director, Bill James, headed off to The States for a 4 month fundraising trip to get more children in our project sponsored, and to raise funds for the work Uganda Kids Project & Calvary Chapel Ishunga is doing. He is returning in mid-September. As he’s been gone, between myself, another missionary Chad, and Bill’s wife Danyal, we’ve been splitting Bill’s duties and continuing the work here. Chad & I rotate every 2 weeks in teaching Sunday Church. This coming Sunday we are going to begin teaching through the book of Ephesians. Pray that God uses this epistle of Paul to speak to our church in great ways.

Construction of Joanne & my future home has restarted after raising some funds for it. The walls are nearly fully built, windows and doors are being made by a local welder and also a wood craftsman, and the roof is coming soon. In Uganda, most things are made by locals; few things are purchased in complete form, only the materials are purchased and then they manufacture everything. Uganda is a country full of resources and they manufacture much of what the country uses & consumes. After the walls are finished, then the work on the roof will begin. We will be reaching a stopping point during the roof construction because of funds. I’m hoping we will have enough to complete the roof but at this point it seems like we will be short. In addition we will need to raise support for electrical wiring, plumbing, flooring, plaster, paint, and furnishings like bed, fridge, and other necessities. We’re trusting God to provide for these needs. If you feel a burden to help us in completing our home, you can give online by clicking the “How to Help” link at the top of this page. Thanks in advance for your financial support.

The school of ministry is finishing out Term 2 this week. The students will go on holiday for a few weeks before returning for Term 3. This second term has been one of much fruit. The students have learned so much and so we started a weekly outreach program. Chad & I drive the students to remote villages, we meet with the LC1 (local governmental leader for the village, each village has it’s own LC1), discuss our plan, and setup an outreach date. We would visit a few villages, set dates, and then plan the outreaches. In the beginning, the students followed along with our plans and now the students have fully taken over the outreaches; the last 2 outreaches they did completely on their own, organizing a schedule, putting together skits, music, testimonies, and a main teaching. Chad & I were there for support only and they did the rest. They are doing an amazing job. In planning for Term 3, Chad & I have been discussing the idea of having the students start 2-3 Bible studies in surrounding villages, and take turns visiting them each week leading a Bible study. It’s so encouraging to see them growing in their faith, and walking it out in practical ways. I’m excited to see how God is going to use them next.

Joanne continues to lead the choir at our church and volunteer at our elementary school. She’s such a blessing to the kids; they adore her so much. I love doing life with her. And speaking of life, Joanne & I have become Robb & Joanne +1. We are welcoming a baby boy into our family at the time of Thanksgiving. We are going to have so much to be thankful for this year. Our original plan was to wait a year before starting a family; we wanted to have the house fully built and moved in before going down that road, but the Lord had a different plan. So now we are trying to rush the building of the house.

Considering the shortage of funds for our building, we’re not sure if we are going to make it in on time. But we are praying. I’ve decided to include what our finishing costs are to complete the house. We are so very appreciative of any financial support you are willing to make. Thank you in advance.

Finish the roof: approx. $1000 shortage
Electrical wiring, lights, outlets, connect to electric company, etc.: $3500
Plumbing lines, valves, fixtures, etc: $1500
Plastering & Paint: $3000
Flooring: $5000
Cabinets for kitchen & bathroom: $2500
Basic furnishings like fridge, bed, kitchen supplies, etc: $1500
Total: $18,000

We’re going to do the basics to get moved in as soon as possible which I’m hoping we can do for approx. $7500. Some things like cabinets and full flooring will be last. Even the electrical we are first only going to install what we “need” to get by with and do the rest later. We’re hoping to have flooring, plaster & paint, electrical only in our bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. The hallway, 2nd bedroom, dining/living room will all be finished later. Cabinets we’re going to wait till the last. So that’s our plan for now so that we can move in before the baby is born. If you feel a desire to help us accomplish these things, you can easily give online by clicking the “How to Help” link at the top of this page. Thanks in advance for your financial support.

We have 3 Prayer Requests:

Joanne & our baby boy on the way, ease of pregnancy and healthy development & delivery
School of Ministry students entering Term 3 and their outreaches & Bible studies
The completion of our home
Thank you for your investment into our ministry, prayerful & financial. We can’t do without either and we’re so thankful for any & all support given to us.

Until next time,
Robb, Joanne, and baby Pierce

All financial contributions are tax deductible through the organization we’re working with, Agents For Christ/Uganda Kids Project. You can give online at UgandaKids.org or you can mail a check to:
Agents for Christ
PO Box 67276
Portland, OR 97268

Be sure to include our names (Robb & Joanne Pierce) on the memo line.

Or you can give directly to us (non tax-deductible):
Robb Pierce
1717 Vista Chino #A7-235
Palm Springs CA 92262

Thank you in advance for your financial support. It’s people like you who make it possible for Joanne & I to serve the people of Uganda.

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