It’s All Because of You!

At the end of November, we graduated six young men from our School of Ministry and it’s all because of the prayer and financial support that you give to my family and I. Thank you so much for everything you do. This year was different from the previous classes as we hand picked students from the past three years of study to join us for a year of Advanced Discipleship, which came with a new curriculum, an internship, and equal playing field for each student, meaning it didn’t matter how much time you had spent in our school before, all students were considered equal and none more advanced than another. It had its ups and downs, but in the end we graduated a terrific group of students. Of the seven we originally enrolled, six successfully completed the courses. The seventh had a huge challenge in schedule and found himself unable to attend many classes and agreed that he needed to focus on his work and family. It was a difficult decision but was for the best for him and his family.

As a celebration of graduation we took the students to Queen Elizabeth National Park to go on a safari game drive and boat trip to see wild animals. The coolest one was seeing a leopard up close and personal just hanging out in a tree. The students enjoyed thoroughly.

Benjamin & Gibson both spent three years studying with us.

Benjamin’s dad is a 7th Day Adventist pastor and Benjamin came to us on day one ready to argue and fight over things such as Saturday vs Sunday worship and eating pork. Even in the midst of the things he wanted to argue about, he had a desire to know God’s Word and that’s what we gave him. He has really grown in his faith and has become a great partner in the gospel.

Gibson is a very quiet man and joined to learn computers but soon had a heart for Jesus. In August he was married to a very sweet girl and they have started a family as she is with child. After their marriage, Gibson moved off campus to be with his wife and used the opportunity each day in his walk to and from school to evangelize to people on the road.

After one year studying in our school, Benjamin & Gibson both heard the Lord’s calling in their lives and started serving their internships in our medical clinic for the past two years while also continuing to study at the School of Ministry. They both now have a full time position working the reception desk, taking vitals, doing billing, organizing medical records, praying with patients, and leading a daily Bible study. They have become part of our medical team and are a great asset, as well as continuing their medical education on the weekends.

Joseph was a student in our very first school of ministry class. We discovered many hardships that year and had to suspend the school early, sending all of the students home with no graduation. Joseph was one of only two students of the thirteen enrolled who were very serious about classes and it was hard to send him home but we needed to restructure and change many things. We invited Jospeh to come and study with us once again of which he eagerly accepted. He excelled this year and his fire for Jesus continued to increase. Joseph saw many trials this year in his family back home but through God’s Grace and direction, his family is growing closer than ever and once present sin (not his but a family member’s) is being conquered because of Jospeh’s faithfulness to love and serve his family through Christ. Joseph is a terrific leader and we’ve watched his faith grow in many ways. Joseph will continue to work for Uganda Kids Project as our head contractor and also has accepted a position to teach a class in our School of Ministry next year.

Ezra, Ivan, and Joshua spent two consecutive years studying with us.

Ezra was a last minute addition to our school, the last to join. Our enrollment was full, and I explained that to him, yet he still wanted to apply and sit down for an interview so I granted it to him. The week school was supposed to begin, one of the students didn’t show, so I called Ezra and he came immediately to take his place. God had a huge plan for his life, one we recognized early on. He excelled beyond all other students, showing a seriousness for the gospel and right living. I’ve witnessed him stand up for the truth and call out wrong as he sees it. He’s not afraid to stand for truth. Ezra has been invited back next year to work with me. He will be teaching a daily class, live with the incoming students as a dorm supervisor, and serve as my assistant. He is a natural leader and we want to see him continue to grow and serve as Christ has called him.

Ivan is a very quiet and humble man who we saw a lot of growth in the past two years. He has studied hard, interned with our community water project and also handled printing for our elementary school. He was offered a position to return next year, and continue full time running our community water project, handling all printing needs for the elementary school, as well as will be teaching a class next year in our School of Ministry.

Joshua got saved because of Benjamin who was sharing the gospel with him and came to us as a brand new convert to the 7th Day Adventist church. Joshua started in his faith very legalistic and now walks in grace and even eats pork. Joshua has faced challenges this past year, but has stood fast and finished the race. His final papers were the most impressive of all students. We invited Joshua to come back next year and serve in our project near the capital with our Ugandan Pastor Robert. He will be serving in the church as Pastor Robert leads him. We are hopeful to see how Joshua continues to grow in his faith in Mukono town.

We ask that you continue to pray for these six young men who now will be working full time in our project in various capacities, yet also recognizing that they are serving in ministry. We desire to see these young men continue growing in their faith, and serve Christ with their entire being.

Preparing for the new

During October and November I took the students with me as we visited most of the high schools in the area and we spoke to the students about our School of Ministry and shared the gospel with them. We were blessed to minister to nearly 1000 students and each heard the gospel message in full. We saw many people give their lives to Christ and I’m hoping to continue to be able to visit many of these schools through the next year and continue preaching. It will be a great opportunity for our incoming students to share their faith with their peers and pray for them.

Ezra is continuing to serve with me as each Sunday we visit a different church each week to preach and share the vision for our School of Ministry, inviting new students to join us next year. Last Sunday we went to a small church and there were only five attendees who were eligible to join and all five showed great interest in enrolling. We are very excited about the incoming students the Lord is bringing to us next year. We will be doing this every Sunday though mid-January.

We ask that you would be praying for who God is leading to study with us in 2020 and 2021 and also pray about becoming a School of Ministry sponsor to one of our students beginning January 2020. For only $20 a month, or a one time $480 donation for the full two years, you can sponsor a student to receive a top of the line Biblical education, provide for their housing, food, and basic needs while they study. Once applications have been received from incoming students, we will create sponsorship opportunities for each student. If this is something you are interested in being a part of, you can send me a message and you’ll be on the priority list for choosing an incoming student as yours to financially support, pray for, and receive communication & updates. You will have your opportunity to choose a student in mid-January.

Family Update

We are eagerly awaiting “Baby Penguin” to make that 18 inch journey and enter our lives. He can come any day so we are here prepared and excited for his birth. He is going to be the greatest gift we receive this Christmas season. Please be praying for Joanne as she holds on these last few days until his arrival. She is tired and ready but continuing to serve our family as though she’s not even pregnant. I often beg her to sit down and rest but she continues to cook and clean like no other. Ethan and I are so blessed for her great and amazing work each and every day.

Thanks again for your support this past year. We’ve had our trials but God continues to remain faithful. We finished our house, and moved in. We were blessed by Hosanna City Church for buying us a car. And now we are about to receive another child. What more can we ask for? We are extremely blessed.

If you would like to partner with us in 2020 for continuing the spread of the gospel in Uganda through outreach, evangelism, and preaching, teaching young men how to grow in their faith and walk it out daily, tutoring and other classes at our elementary school, and generally empowering young people with the gospel, please consider being one of our monthly financial partners by using the navigation links on this site. Thanks so much for your prayer and financial support. We couldn’t do it with out you! God bless and Merry Christmas!

The Pierces

Robb, Joanne, Ethan, & “Penguin”

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