God is on the move in Uganda

June 16, 2016 I find it hard to believe that I’ve been in Uganda 5 months now.  So much has happened in these past 5 months; it’s amazing.  What’s even more is all that has happened just in the month of May that I’m about to share with you.  Things are going so great and […]

Do I really live in Africa?

March 30, 2016 Sometimes I forget I live in Africa. It’s even weird saying that, that my current home is in the middle of the bush in Africa. Just saying that seems so foreign and strange and it doesn’t feel like that at all; it feels normal. Even though I sleep under a mosquito net, […]

7 week update

March 10, 2016 Greetings my friends and family. I’ve been in Uganda about 7 weeks now. God is doing great things here. When I first arrived, I learned that things were not going as “planned” and the schedule had changed. Originally the school of ministry was going to begin on February 1st, and was now […]

I leave in 10 Days!

I can’t believe how fast time has gone and there’s only 10 days left until I leave.  These next 10 days are going to be so hectic and are going to pass so quickly. Things are moving very smoothly, Praise God!  My business has successfully been transferred to the new owner and he’s learning the […]

The Reality Is Setting In

Last Friday, it became official; OMEGA Computer Consulting, my company for just shy of 13 years, was turned over to its new owner. I initially wanted to try and keep my company and have someone else run it, but it became clear, that just wasn’t going to work. The Lord spoke to me, told me […]

Departure Ticket has been Purchased

After waiting and waiting for a few things, and making sure that many of my affairs are in order, today I purchased my airline ticket.  This is such a sweet setup.  I’m leaving LAX in the afternoon on January 18th, I arrive the next evening in Dubai, just in time for dinner.  The airline set […]

Prayer Bookmarkers & More Are Coming!

I’ve been putting in many hours to design some prayer bookmarkers and support cards that I can give out to people that want to help support me.  I’m really excited about the designs and have submitted them to print.  The prayer bookmarkers have already arrived and the support cards are on their way; I should […]

Telling the Church

Last Wednesday, I was given the opportunity to share a challenge with our Wednesday evening  Life Groups.  We’ve been talking about passions the last couple of weeks and I was scheduled to give a challenge from Nehemiah 2-3.  It’s so great how the Lord knows things much further in advance than we do, as I […]

My Call to Africa

The call to go to Africa was not just a recent one, but one that God has been stirring up in my heart for many many years.  Many might trace it back to my first couple of short term mission trips to Africa in 2005 & 2006. But they are wrong.  Other’s might try and […]

Great News Today!

I’ve slowly been talking with friends and family, primarily 1 on 1, letting them know about what the Lord is calling me to.  For the most part, I’ve gotten great support from everyone and lots of encouragement, and promises to pray for me.  I’m so blessed by great family and friends who are behind me […]