Sweet Sixteen

March 21 has a special place in my heart. Sixteen years ago today I started my very own business, OMEGA Computer Consulting. I was a smug, prideful, and arrogant 20 year old, working full time for a local computer shop in the Coachella Valley. I was encouraged by family to leave the company and start my own, though having no capital, no business training, and no idea what I was about to get into.

Prior to this, my goal was set on being a full time missionary. God had given me the calling, but not yet the plan. I prayed for a while, asking the Lord for signs whether to start the company or not. He answered me in the way I had asked, giving me a go ahead to start a business. At the time, I didn’t understand what God’s plan was. Why would he lead me into business if I was to be a full time missionary? For 13 years, I ran that company full time, doing short term missionary work on the side.

At the end of 2015, I had planned to take a year off to go and start and teach a Bible school in Uganda, and come back to my business. I had talked to a good friend and business associate of mine who agreed to run the company for me in my absence. The plan was looking great but just before I was supposed to leave, my friend told me he’d be unable to run the company for me. I was stuck; I had no other option.

As I was praying over different ideas, I knew my only option was to sell, but to who? And who would buy such a company, for the price I’d want, in the short amount of time I had left? It seemed like a hopeless situation but I continued praying, fearing that I’d just have to walk away from it, losing everything I’d worked so hard to build.

One day I was at church, and my fellow youth worker TJ had a light over him. He was working as a computer tech for a company. But I thought, no way, this guy is young, he has no business experience, he probably doesn’t have money to buy a company, even his work experience is different from my business. But as I was praying, the Lord told me to talk to him. I invited TJ to lunch to share with him my plans to go to Africa.

During our lunch, I shared with him my dilemma. He was quiet. I began asking him about his work experience, his future plans, etc. Nothing seemed to be making sense because his future plans were quite different from my company. Reluctantly, I finally popped the question, asking him if he’d be interested in interning with me a short while, take over the business, and setup a payment plan. I think he was a bit shocked about it all. I suggested we both just go pray about it for a time and meet again at a later date.

After praying, we met again, and TJ was very interested in my plan. So we began the internship, I began showing him everything about the company, teaching him all I could in our short amount of time. He learned quickly. I was surprised at how quickly he picked up the things he didn’t know, and fell right into place.

Dec 31, 2015 rolled in, we signed our agreement, and I turned over the keys and phone to TJ. There was no turning back now. We made a plan for a set amount and payments over the next 36 months. Being half way around the world, I knew I’d have no recourse if he didn’t pay, but I knew if the Lord set this up, He was going to see it through.

I had no idea what I was going to do with the money. I planned to just put it into an account for the next year, and when I returned to the US, I’d have some money to start over, and some extra coming in each month thereafter. Little did I know the Lord’s real plan.

After arriving to Uganda, it quickly became evident I wasn’t coming for only 1 year but that this would become my new home for a time, that I’d be starting a family here. I felt the Lord telling me to buy some land and build a house. The money I had been receiving from TJ went to do exactly that. Three years later, February 2019, the payments stopped coming, the house was finished, and we moved in.

It’s now been about 3 weeks that we have been in and are enjoying our new house. It’s hard to believe that we own a home, mortgage free, something most people I know haven’t experienced, and certainly no fellow millennials. (Yes, building a house is much cheaper in Uganda than the US.)

I look back at what happened 16 years ago. I was a confused young man who didn’t understand the plan of the Lord, why He was leading me into business, and what my future would hold. Sixteen years later, I now know all the answers; it was for this day, for this time. His plan was to secure my future in Uganda, give me a family and a great place to call home.

March 21 to me is a day of great blessing. It’s a day that I remember the goodness of God, how He cares so much for me that He plans out my future in great detail, how I can always trust in Him for everything in my life. I’ve never gone without while trusting in the Lord. He is my provider, my Savior, my everything. I don’t remember the work I did, I remember the work He has done in, through, and for me.

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