Who Are We?

We are missionaries, Robb & Joanne Pierce. We met in Uganda in January 2016 and were married in January 2017. We live fulltime in Uganda serving at Uganda Kids Project. Robb and Joanne have one son named Ethan born November 2017 and another son on the way, due December 2019.

Robb comes from the deserts of California, Palm Springs area, the Coachella Valley.  He lived in the desert for over 20 years before moving to Uganda in 2016.  He met Jesus while living in the desert, and began his new life in Christ there.  As a Christian, he spent 19 years in the wilderness, serving the Lord, waiting to reach the Promised Land.  But God has always had His hand on him and directed his steps.  He’s had the privilege of serving the Lord in many places and in many “positions” & ministries in and out of the church such as teaching, preaching, administering, leading, evangelizing, serving, and more. God allowed him to start serving in missions at the ripe ole age of 16.  He had his 17th birthday in Honduras on his first missions trip.  Robb was immediately hooked and from that moment he knew the 3rd world was calling his name; like a tractor beam.  Through the years he’s had great opportunities to serve the Lord around the world, and in the US.  He spent time in several countries on various continents including Central America, Asia, and Africa.  He loves seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, learning new things, and telling people about our Saving Grace, Jesus Christ. In 2016 he answered the call to come to Uganda and help start a school of ministry for young men.  It was immediately upon reaching Uganda that he met his lovely, soon to be wife, Joanne.

Joanne was born in Uganda, and orphaned at 2 years old.  She grew up in the “system” with no real place to call home, living with a grandmother for a while, a social worker, and finally at an orphanage. Despite not starting a life with much opportunity, God paved the way.  She was the first in her family to graduate from a University. After graduating from university, Joanne began her career serving at Uganda Kids Project where she met Robb.  She has dedicated her live to serving Jesus. Together Robb & Joanne have the desire to reach many for Christ.

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