Why call it Bearding Uganda?

charles spurgeon beard

Beards are a sign of a man, a young man who’s reached maturity.  As Christians, we are called to mature in our walks, not to stay little children desiring milk, but to move on to steak.  My purpose in going to Uganda is to help mature many young men in the Gospel to one day become leaders in the faith, pastors, teachers, evangelists, mentors, missionaries, etc.  God has a plan for every believer, and I want to help these young men reach their full potential in the Lord by giving them the Biblical knowledge and basic skills they need to become mature in the faith, a Bearded Ugandan Man. Bearding Uganda is not the name of an organization but only the name of our personal blog.

And beyond that, I’m a beardaholic; I love beards and believe God gave us them for a special purpose and I wear mine with pride.  When I was a youngster growing into manhood, I had a patchy and ugly beard and I prayed and prayed for God to give me a thick full shapely beard, and He granted me that request.  I wear mine with pride and use it as a testimony to answered prayer.

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